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Through a variety of mediums, including essays, poetry, book reviews, and personal reflections, we aim to create a community that values the written word and embraces the power of self-expression. Whether you're an avid reader, a seasoned writer, or simply someone who enjoys the beauty of language, we invite you to join us on this journey of discovery and exploration.

Telling Stories in Music

We all know there're more ways than just a plain novel to get our stories across to the audience. There’s picture, cartoons, poetry and plays to mention just a few. One of the oldest ways of telling stories though was through music. Songs handed down through the generations telling of historical events. Songs that told […]
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E-books, a Heresy?

I prefer to read eBooks rather than physical books. There I’ve said it. To some what I’ve stated is heresy and would have me burned at the stake, but I can’t get over that it’s the way I now read most of my books these days. A few years ago, I never dreamt that I’d […]
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The Power of Words

Words are the most powerful weapon we have on this planet. Used correctly they can change the world we live in. Dictatorships and governments, who want to control their citizens, limit the words they receive from the world with an iron fist. They censor, ban or call them out as fake to stop ideas getting […]
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The Original Football Manager

For years, I’ve been playing football management games in one form or another. I know I’m not the only one who getting sucked into the world of management games but sometimes it feels like a drug. One that makes you spend hours tinkering with tactics, team formations. Spending hours building the perfect team that’ll win […]
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Would you buy your own book to get it into the book charts?

Would you buy your own book to get it into the charts? I'm not sure it's something I ever thought about before, but Mark Dawson, author of The Cleaner, has done just that. The story in the Guardian (link) prompted me to think about whether I'd do just that. Could I put my own money […]
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I was hooked with the first click of the mouse. It's so simple to put together a village or town and it looks so gorgeous. Left click build, right click remove. Within minutes I'm sat marvelling at the houses I'm creating. Certain clicks bring you arches, hidden gardens and much more. It's all procedurally generated, […]
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Books and Films

I guess this argument has been going on as long as filmmakers used books for their productions. Which is best, films or the medium that are based, books. In a way it's easy for us to say books. As writers and readers, that medium is the one we turn to first. Films can never be […]
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Celebrity Authors Good or Bad ?

Celebrity authors have been around for years. They've always been just about tolerated, but now they're seen as a threat to the publishing world. Their books constantly top the book charts, and their products are the first you see in Waterstones. However, is the product they produce worth the adulation that some get? You only […]
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