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Manners cost Nothing

In the dimly lit corridors of Manners Manor, whispers swirled like shadows, spreading tales of Lady Mary Manners and her diabolic manners. She was a tempest in a teapot, a storm dressed in silk, wreaking havoc wherever her whims led her. With a demeanour as cold as the winter wind, she terrorized her staff, ruling […]
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Bumpton Rovers Forever

This week’s tale takes us to the quaint town of Bumpton. Here lived a girl named Esmerelda. Esmerelda wasn't your ordinary girl; she had an obsession, a passion that consumed her every waking moment - Bumpton Rovers, the local football team. Now, you might wonder what's so special about this football team? Well, let me […]
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Football has a Racism Problem...

At the weekend my favourite football team, Sheffield Wednesday, was embroiled in controversy. Not the usual method of humiliation this time, but the scourge of racism once again. An opposition player was greeted to monkey chants by a section of the crowd. Not a pretty sight. Worse was to come on the forums after when […]
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New Year

The dead days were amongst us. Those low light grey dreary days between Christmas and New Year. New Years Eve night was eerily quiet. The damaging storms of the previous week had blown themselves out. The once-raging winds and lashing rains had given way to an eerie calm, casting a serene hush over the countryside. […]
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Writing Groups, What do they offer?

Writing is a solitary endeavor, often undertaken in the quiet corners of one's mind. However, the journey of honing one's craft becomes immensely rewarding when shared with like-minded individuals. Writing groups, whether physical or virtual, offer a dynamic and supportive environment that can significantly enhance your growth as a writer. In this blog post, we'll […]
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AI - What the Future Holds ?

The future is here, the future is bright. There’s no need to learn for exams, no need for authors to write. All we must do is chat to your phone and it’ll spew out another groundbreaking novel. School kids only need to ask the laptop to complete their assignments. Minutes later the piece on Alexander […]
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House of the Experience

I can remember vividly the first time I visited Rameshi's House of Experience. It was a hazy, sultry summer afternoon, the sort that makes you not want to expend much energy. It was a day for taking it easy, not rushing anywhere. A smell of coffee and freshly baked bread wafted over from the bakery […]
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Woody The Lost Years

‘Howday partner’ ‘Reach for the Stars’ ‘There’s a snake in my boots’ That’s what you expect me to say isn’t it? The standard phrases that spew out of my mouth giving you familiarity throughout all the films we made. Not sure what we’re up to right now, is it three or four? To be honest […]
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Dragon - Powered by Imagination

The clock glared at me menacingly as we stood waiting on the station. The train for Whitby was running late, again. How I wish we’d rushed to catch the earlier train, but then I was too lazy to get up. The wind howled down the platform. It was chilly even for late October, yet the […]
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The Land of Eckythump

In the land of Eckythump, there is the small town of Fantasia Falls, there lived a peculiar inventor named Hiram B. Tekenzeemiken. He was known for his wild vivid imagination and unconventional creations. One sunny morning, while tinkering away in his cluttered workshop, Hiram had a brilliant idea that would change the way people saw […]
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Brush with Royalty

Royal events do not really thrill me. I could go on for hours how the royal family shouldn’t be in the privileged position that they are now, but I won’t. Usually, it means that they’ll be a concert around Buckingham Palace and Brian May playing God Save The Queen, and not the Sex Pistols version. […]
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Genesis Top Ten Tracks ?

My love of Genesis goes back a fair few years, well to hearing Nursery Chryme in the school music room in around 1975. To this day I still love that album. It showed me this wonderful world that was Genesis. I was lucky to see Genesis a fair few times over the years. The first […]
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