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The Handover

David M Barnett

Daisy does nights and Nate does days, which causes no end of hilarity at the Manchester Museum of Social History. 'It should be Daisy on days and Nate on nights,' Marion on the reception says to her at least once a month, as though Daisy hasn't yet got the joke. Daisy is the night security guard at the Manchester Museum of Social History. She takes her job very seriously, protecting the museum from troublemakers and anyone who openly mocks the fact they have a dinosaur on display.

The Handover is another superb book by David M Barnett. I've read many of Davids novels now and am always blown away by the feeling of love and hope that come from reading his stories. It was a surprise therefore to find I'd missed a release of one of his books. He's an author who flies under the radar, yet his books are just pure joys to read.

This book is no exception. David has this wonderful way of seeing inside 'broken' individuals and finding joy in their lives. Things Can Only Get better is one of my favourite books. They bring happiness in the darkest of times. He bring hope to those of us who are broken by life in some way. His characters are wonderful individuals who society mocks for being different. In this case Daisy and Nate.

It's not often you come away from a book looking at world through smiling eyes. Yes it could be described at sentimental hogwash, but that'd be so far from the point. It's a very sensitive read making you believe that sometimes the good people win out through the very strength of their personalities. It's a book that give you hope that eventually you yourself will find happiness and joy.

The Handover is a book that gives you that hope. It's an uplifting piece of writing that we all need in our lives. As with all David Barnetts books it gave me hope and for those glorious days reading, a smile on my face.

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Review by
AJ Steel
June 14, 2023

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